PSC Engineering S.r.l.


PSC Engineering S.r.l. has been founded by doctor Santino CRUPI and is involved in design and build innovative control and simulator systems.

He is graduated at Politecnico of Torino in Electronics Engineering, has been involved in design and building of control systems and simulators for leading italian firms (SEPA, FIAT AVIO, RODRIQUEZ Cantieri Navali).

The ecexptional experiences matured during 20 years at the above mentioned firms, set up the precious base and humus of the PSC Engineering.

Through these web pages the mentioned experiences are introduced as well as the new projects in delevopment phase.

The collaboration of an already tested subject matter experts team, and some new insertion assure the lifeblood of the firm.

"The PSC Engineering S.r.l. mission is to became point of reference for design and building of control and simulation systems in all application sectors.

In particular:

  • design, building and selling of control systems for military navies, mercantile, yacht, pleasure craft;
  • design, building and selling of simulators;
  • design, building and selling of control systems and equipments for whatever sector;
  • design, building and selling of systems and equipements for stabilization for whatever sector;
  • design, building and selling of systems and autopilots equipements for whatever sector;
  • building computer systems;
  • design, building of systems and machine for energy saving through renewable energy sources;
  • real estate energy classification;
  • environment monitoring and remote controlling;
  • monitoring and control plants for whatever sector;
  • design and building of industrial and civil wirings;
  • design and building of HVAC plants;
  • building of automation system and electric power station;
  • design and building of computer programs (software) for whatever sector;
  • building of computer programs and studies for fluid and hydrodinamics;
  • building of computer programs and studies for FEM;
  • building and selling of sensors;
  • consultancy suppling for design, building and setting to work of systems, equipments, electronics devices, oildynamics and mechanical instruments, control and simulation for whatever sector."

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